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.NET Blog

Rick Strahl's Weblog

Blog | .NET Foundation

Dave Brock


The .NET Tools Blog : Essential productivity kit for .NET developers | The JetBrains Blog

Blogs | Developer Express Inc.

Verisign Blog

Andrew Lock | .NET Escapades


.NET Core Tutorials

Swimburger.net: a blog about .NET, Web, Azure, Umbraco, and more

Sahan Serasinghe - Personal Blog

Network Programming in .NET

Application & Data Migration Blog Posts | Mobilize.Net

Morning Dew by Alvin Ashcraft – Daily links for Windows and .NET developers.

ASP.NET Hacker

Meziantou's blog

Helps software developers to improve their skills by providing easy reading articles in simple words.

Jaliya's Blog

Software Engineering

Structured Blog

The Morning Brew

Irina Scurtu - .NET and the world around it

Programming with Mosh

Web - News for .NET & JavaScript Developer Tooling - Telerik Blogs

Scott Hanselman

Thomas Levesque's .NET Blog

dotNET Weekly

.NET Interview Preparation videos

Anthony Giretti's .NET blog – Ain't no mountain high enough


Code with Dan Blog – see it, learn it, code it

Nicholas Blumhardt


HOME - Michał Jankowski

Blogs - Corey Roth and Friends Blogs

.NET Archives - {coding}Sight


Allen Conway

OdeToCode by K. Scott Allen


DOTNET DETAIL – Learn Microsoft .NET Technologies

Neel Bhatt

Exercises in .NET with Andras Nemes

Csharp Star

ASP.Net, C#, SQL, JQuery, Sharepoint

A Journey In .NET Core

DotNet Revanth