Free RSS Feed Generator

What is RSS?

What does RSS stand for?

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication' – and pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin.  It's a method of syndicating your content, really simply!

It's a method of putting bringing any sort of regularly updated website content to peoples attention very easily.  The content is taken and placed into a variety of forms – RSS readers (such as Google Reader) are the most popular, but various sites like to use RSS feeds to create headlines and dynamic content.

Who uses RSS? Why?

A wide variety of people.  Firstly anyone who is writing a blog or news site would find it useful as a way of putting their articles and news in front of as many customers as possible – even the biggest news sites now offer the option of reading via RSS feeds.

The main benefit to the general web browsing public is saving time.  By bringing together all your favorite websites into one RSS reader (sometimes known as an RSS aggregator) you are able to save yourself having to hunt around each individual site for news or new articles.  Instead they are delivered straight to your RSS reader as soon as they go online – meaning you are always uptodate.

How do I read an RSS feed?

It's quite simple.  There are dozens of RSS readers available online, both free and paid for solutions.  You simply add the sites RSS address that you want to be following into the reader (usually easily found on a website when you look for it, just look for an icon with RSS or XML written on it).  This will then allow the articles to appear inside your RSS reader – saving you having to go elsewhere. 

You can add hundreds, or even thousands of RSS feeds to your reader, so there is no need to pick and choose which ones you would like to follow – just follow as many as you want and can keep up with!

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