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Should You Submit or Ping Your RSS Feed?

Such a question is asked time and again by those who are just starting to use RSS feeds to promote their websites.  It it is not a question of either/or – it should be a question of both.  RSS submissions and RSS pinging are very different in what they do.

Submitting RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are 'streams' of your articles that can be placed in a number of places – such as RSS readers.  But it is syndicating it to other websites that allows for powerful promotion, getting your articles seen by the visitors to various sites, and providing one way backlinks to your own articles.

This is what RSS submission does.  It is submitting your feed to other sites so that they are able to take the articles or headlines from your feed and use it on their own site automatically.  So the more sites that you submit your feed to, the more links you will get and the more traffic will follow them.

RSS Pinging

RSS pinging is the sending of a signal from your website, via RSS technology, to various servers, search engines and other web technologies.  The signal informs these receptors that there is new content available via your RSS feed.

These sites and search engines are then able to index the new content and use it to their own ends, displaying it, making it available for search etc.  This is for both sites you have submitted your RSS feed to AND to those that have indexed your RSS feed automatically (such as search engines).

These means that both are different, pinging and submissions.  But the amount of work required is far from even.  Pinging can be an automatic thing, indeed most CMS platforms, such as Wordpress, will ping sites for you.  Therefore it is RSS submissions that tend to take up the majority of time.

It is worth spending time to do this, one way links and incoming visitors are vital tools in growing your site, or turning a profit – and once submitted these feeds will run on automatic.  But they are time consuming.  Finding sites to submit your RSS feed to takes time, as does submitting the feed to the site.

Far better then to automate you RSS submissions

RSS Feed Submitter

RSS Feed Submitter is able to do exactly that.  You upload your RSS feed link to the software, spend about 15 minutes configuring it how you want and then the software is able to automatically submit your feed to 30+ feed aggregators – giving you constant incoming backlinks and traffic.

Such a tool is essential for anyone who is serious about trying to make money online, or to simply promote a dynamic website.

Such a powerful piece of software is also a top tool for making money from other developers.  Because all it takes is minutes to submit your RSS feed, rather than the hours and hours it takes manually, you are able to offer your services to other online entrepreneurs to submit their RSS feeds, at a price.  A price you decide.

What this means is you get a tool that gains you backlinks, traffic and can also earn you money by offering as a service.  A very powerful piece of kit indeed.

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