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How to Promote Your Website via RSS

We all know that websites live and die by the traffic that they get.  It is for this reason that advertising and promotion on the internet are so important.  PPC, banners, backlinking, SEO – all if it is done simply to generate traffic to the site.

But in the list of methods on how to promote your website RSS feeds rarely get mentioned, which is a shame as they are extremely powerful tools when it comes to driving traffic to a content rich website or blog.

How to set up RSS feeds for promotion

The first thing you are going to need before you use RSS to promote your website is an RSS feed.  These feeds are XML based web technologies that aggregate your websites contents into a stream of articles that can be placed in various places, including peoples email accounts.  These streams update with your new articles every time you publish them to your website.

There are a number of methods available to you when it comes to creating a RSS feed or stream, including coding the XML yourself.  But easily the easiest method of doing so is via a tool designed to create an RSS feed file – and these tools are available for free.

When you have created this file via such a tool you are able to upload it to your own web server.  Any link you then point at the file will be able to access the feed and allow the option of placing the feed in an RSS reader and the like.

Promoting via the RSS feed

Now that is all well and good, in fact it's great  getting people to sign up to RSS feeds mean they are far more likely to be reading your articles and news stories on a frequent basis.  But to do that they have to have found your website in the first place – how can it help you promote your site?

Simply put there are thousands of sites out there that use the headlines or snippets from the RSS feeds for their own readers.  Whether its blog voting sites, side bars on other web sites or much more – websites use other peoples RSS feeds to create dynamic content for their readers.

What that means for you is that when you have created your RSS feed you are able to take it to such sites and enter your own feed.  Then readers of those sites will also see your headlines, your articles and be able to click through to your site.

This means that you are getting your own articles out there to a far wider audience – and giving them links they can follow to find their way to your own site.  Giving you a bigger reach and driving more traffic.  RSS really is a vital tool for any website

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